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Factors Task Two

Risks of Investing In Real Estate In Albania.Name Institutional Affiliation Purchasing a house is among the most overwhelming decisions for individuals in Albania. It is a vital long term investment that offers improved living conditions and probable good returns in the future. The real estate market conforms to various real estate and state policies that impact individual’s decision on purchasing a house. Furthermore the market has a close connection to financial institutions and its lending processes. Actually most of the investments on immobile properties are done through loans hence adjustments to the interest rate can have an effect on the whole construction sector. Adjustments to the cost of immobile properties have a major role in the decision made by central bank across the world and this proved to be number of nonperforming loans prevent credit development. Albania is an upcoming market which us undergoing much transition. It cannot be termed as perfect international real estate destination as corruption remains rampant in the property department and further although dealing with this remains top priority on the Governments agenda. Regulatory reforms to deal with this are inclusive of online land registry fresh building codes and nationwide campaign of eliminating illegal buildings that have been constructed within particular stretches of the coastline. References Sikor T. Müller D. & Stahl J. (2009). Land fragmentation and cropland abandonment in Albania: Implications for the roles of state and community in post-socialist land consolidation. World Development  37(8) 1411-1423. Lusho S. & Papa D. (1998). Land fragmentation and consolidation in Albania (No. 25). Land Tenure Center University of Wisconsin-Madison.
By reading the article. You are to comment and analyze the risks of investing in real estate in Albania.

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