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Eye of the Storm Reflection Paper

The Eye of the Storm Institution Affiliation Date: Microaggressions in the society are becoming a significant problem since they are making life hard or difficult for some people. The term refers to the degradation of a specific group based on elements such as race gender disability and ethnicity among others (Sue 2010). A socially marginalized group can be at the receiving end of the microaggressions from other individuals. For instance women are among the social groups that struggle with microaggressions from society. In employment some women are degraded by the employers or men in the work of stress they subject the female social groups is by exposing them to the same microaggressions they utilize to degrade women based on gender qualities. References Capodilupo C. M. Nadal K. L. Corman L. Hamit S. Lyons O. B. & Weinberg A. (2010). The manifestation of gender microaggressions. Microaggressions and marginality: Manifestation dynamics and impact 193-216. McCabe J. (2009). Racial and gender microaggressions on a predominantly-White campus: Experiences of Black Latina/o and White undergraduates. Race Gender & Class 133-151. Sue D. W. (2010). Microaggressions in everyday life: Race gender and sexual orientation. John Wiley & Sons.
The eye-of-the-storm technique is an experiential, teaching technique heralded by Jane Elliot, and used to enlighten youngsters on the impact of overt racism and discrimination. In Ch. 3, you learned about microassualts (e.g., microinvalidation, microaggression). As a reminder, microassaults are covert or subtle acts of discrimination that plague minority, disempowered or disenfranchised groups in our contemporary world.

Watch the following video on the Eye of the Storm technique. Then, reflect upon applying this pedagogical exercise to microaggressions from Ch. 3. It is advised that you review microaggressions from Ch. 3.

The Eye of the Storm (1970)
Documentary directed by William Peters

Identify a current social cause (example: gender discrimination) and write a 2-page paper describing how you would implement an eye-of-the-storm teaching technique/demonstration to highlight microassualts plaguing a group. Please identify the social cause (e.g., gender discrimination), the social group (e.g., women), the microassaults you want to expose your “class” to, and the strategy(-ies) you will use to induce the eye-of-the-storm technique (i.e., what will you do). Please be creative and concise. More specifically, please address the following points in your paper:

Explain microaggresions/assaults/invalidations (3 points)

Describe the social cause, the social group affected, and the microassaults you want to expose your “class” to; i.e., describe to whom and how you will do “eye of the storm” (3 points)

Describe strategies you will use to induce the eye-of-the-storm technique (4 points)

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