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Extensive Course (Phonics / Pronunciation)

Extensive Course (Phonics / Pronunciation) This manuscript refers directly to the instructor. Introduction The significance of phonics is to build on phonemic awareness by enabling students to learn that written letters represent symbols which signify spoken words. Sounds are combined in the English language to create words that stand for ideas or things. LESSON 1 : CONSONANTS Relevant Materials Card stock markers handout “consonant blends ” and reading sources comprising of manuals magazines forms newspapers and driver’s license among others. Objectives By the end of the lesson the learner will identify consonants in words. Class Preparation Prepare word cards using words from the learner’s environment. Class Teach consonant letter-sound relationships using the pictures brought by the students. Choose the specific consonants that the students should learn. Select words from the reading material or learner’s environment that contain the consonant being learnt. Instruct the students to mark constants on the sound. Instruct the students to repeat pronunciation with you. Write the sound “el: on a caws and cut the slits before each letter. Cut a card strip that matches the width of the slit. Write letters on the strip that can form words when positioned before “ell.” Letters may include t sh b s f c d w N y. Reposition the strip to create new words for the class to practice. Review the short sound in a word. Instruct the students to utilize words in sentences and write them down. Assessment Ask students to read word lists that comprise words from different word families. Adaptions Other word families: _ope c l m n p r d h _old b h m s t c f g _ad b c d f g h l m p s t _an b m N p r t c D f
EXTENSIVE course on: Phonics Pronunciation And anything else for beginners you may think is useful from your research.

Mostly to concentrate on phonics and pronunciation

Include main rules for pronunciation like: Island; Tion

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