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Expanding Your Business 

Expanding Your Business Introduction In the current world economy the thoughts and other idea that are for establishing and developing one’s self in a self-employment setting has been spread at a speed that has not been witnessed ever before. This situation has also been catalyzed by the high cases of unemployment amongst most of the youth including the educated ones across the global societies. Starting one’s own small business and as a result becoming one’s own boss can bring about incredible fulfillment and satisfaction. However while starting up a small business one need to make a sound consideration of some of the activities and decisions before one can jump into any kind of business operation. The idea. For every business idea that an individual makes the coincidence is that there are numerous other individuals who have the same kind of business idea and ready to put it into practice. performance and profitability and growth of the business (Stokes Wilson & Wilson 2010). Conclusion With the small business the management requires the owner to offer an oversight for some important functions within the operations of the business. Activities that involve human resource customer service purchasing product development and sales are some of the key departments or business functions that the small business owners are needed to manage. With the new business owners they are not usually well prepared for the various managerial problems that they are faced with. They need to understand the issues and face them with determination and sound solutions. References Storey D. J. & Greene F. J. (2010). Small business and entrepreneurship. Financial Times/Prentice Hall.Schaper M. T. Volery T. Weber P. C. & Gibson B. (2014). Entrepreneurship and small business .Stokes D. Wilson N. & Wilson N. (2010). Small business management and entrepreneurship. Cengage Learning EMEA.
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