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Even Though Measuring Pr Is Difficult And Some Claim To Be Impossible It Is Stil


Even though measuring PR is difficult and some claim to be impossible, it is still clear that it is important. PR is vital for every company and every company knows that. Whether big or small, every company is aware that PR is essential. Everything a company does need a purpose. If there is no purpose, that action should be dropped. If there is no why to a what, then the what is nonessential. A company should not be doing something because it is cool, but for a purpose. If a company has a good why, then the what will follow and employees and customers will cling to the why and not care about the what. A company’s mission is its why, a company’s goals are its how, and a company’s methods are its what. 

PR is vital because it can spread a company’s why, its purpose. An excellent example that the article gives is engagement. It does not matter how much a company tweets, what matters is how many times that tweet has been liked and re-tweeted. When a company tweets something, for the most part, those associated with the company will see the tweet. When someone re-tweets a company’s tweet, those associated with that person will also see the tweet. By having more people engaged in a company’s social media, it gives more awareness of a company. Engagement is one great way companies can measure its PR. The more engagement, the better the PR. 

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