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Evaluate the links between oil prices and the Saudi stock market.

LINKS BETWEEN OIL PRICES AND SAUDI STOCK MARKET By [Name] Course Professor’s Name Institute Location of institute Date The links between oil prices and stock market of Saudi This paper is meant is to evaluate the interconnections of oil prices and markets stock of one member of corporation association for the Arab countries of the Gulf which is Saudi. Most occurring data is examined from the year 2008 to 2012 this duration which corresponds to the related consequences of the universal financial catastrophe. It is recognized that relationship between stock markets increases in a downturn. Applying daily data shows the correlation which is studied and seems to be a short run in nature extracted from long-term running reliance that could be valued by cointegration technique; however several researchers use cointegration method together with the daily data. It is demonstrated that daily data are noisy than monthly data though monthly and Kaul G. 1996. Oil and the stock markets. The Journal of Finance  51(2) pp.463-491.Kang W. Ratti R.A. and Yoon K.H. 2015. The impact of oil price shocks on the stock market return and volatility relationship. Journal of International Financial Markets Institutions and Money  34 pp.41-54.Nandha M. and Faff R. 2008. Does oil move equity prices? A global view. Energy Economics  30(3) pp.986-997.Narayan P.K. and Narayan S. 2010. Modelling the impact of oil prices on Vietnam’s stock prices. Applied energy  87(1) pp.356-361.Sadorsky P. 1999. Oil price shocks and stock market activity. Energy economics  21(5) pp.449-469.Reboredo J.C. and Rivera-Castro M.A. 2014. Wavelet-based evidence of the impact of oil prices on stock returns. International Review of Economics & Finance  29 pp.145-176.Rogoff K. 1984. On the effects of sterilized intervention: An analysis of weekly data. journal of Monetary Economics  14(2) pp.133-150. Zarour B.A. 2006. Wild oil prices but brave stock markets! The case of GCC stock markets. Operational Research  6(2) pp.145-162.
1. Academic work at MSc. Level should refer to academic evidence /third party sources to evidence independent research and discrimination. Use the DCU Business School adopted reference style (Harvard Style).
2. There is a selection of relevant reading journal articles on all these areas of research on google scholar and other relevant research databases.
3. Plagiarism will not be condoned.

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