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Ethics and business ethics

Ethics and Business Ethics Name Instructor Institution Date Ethics and Business Ethics Ethics refers to the code of conduct that guides the behavior of a person and this is what determines the character trait of a person. Ethics are applied in almost all aspects of life including social religious and business activities. Business ethics refers to proper business practices and policies ethics might reduce the ability of a company to increase profits and in addition to this some businesses ignore business ethics through their employees for their own benefits (Darwall 2003). References BIBLIOGRAPHY Darwall S. (2003). A companion to Applied Ethics; Theory of ethics. Wiley Library. Hoekveld G. (2013). Planning practice between ethics and power game; Business Ethics. International journals of research.
Define ethics and business ethics, do we really need ethics in business.? Can ethics help advance profits? What is your perspectives? Is there any advantages or disadvantages in applying ethical practices in business organizations?

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