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Ethical Struggle

Student Name Instructor Course Date Ethical Struggle Narrative As a student in school one is sometimes I faced different struggles that they have to juggle through. When I was a new student at this college I became friends with another student named Christopher. He practically became my best friend such that I could do anything for him as he would return the favor. Christopher wanted to join the school’s badminton team however he was asked by the coach to bring along a recommendation letter he is indeed skilled in playing Badminton. Only then would he have considered the forging but after trying to reach the school coach. As such Christopher did very little to prevent this ethical dilemma from happening. From my personal experience I realized that even though I helped a friend and talented player to get a spot on the school badminton team I did so through an unethical means. The recommendation letter did not reflect the views of the target person hence a wrong representation.
Write a brief narrative (2 pgs.) describing the circumstances of your most difficult ethical struggle. You should describe both sides of the issues involved — there must have been pros and cons if it was a struggle. Remember that we’re considering ethics to be a matter of right or wrong on a personal level, as opposed to moral vs. immoral by societal standards or legal vs. illegal.

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