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Ethical Decision Making and Hiring

Ethical Decision Making and Hiring Student’s Name Institution Professor’s Name Course Date The process of hiring new employees in any given company requires that such process is conducted in the best way possible. This is because the recruited or hired employees are expected to have good moral and ethical behavior (Richard et-al. 2010). This paper will explain the difference between the code of conduct and code of ethics together with their importance as well as the purpose for each of them during the process of hiring a new employee for any given company. The paper will also focus on the factors to necessary for ethical hiring decision in any business organization. Code of conduct refers to a set of rules of a given organization that outlines both religious and social norms which the employees of such organization must uphold for healthy relationships with one another. In other words it hiring new employees to avoid conflicts with federal law enforcement bodies. In conclusion code of conduct and ethics are necessary values which are essential for the employees of any organization. Before any organization management makes any ethical hiring decision such organization should consider factors such as background screening of applicants pre-employment testing as well as legal considerations of the applicants. Reference Richard G. Brody et-al. (2010). Further beyond the Basic Background Check: Journal of the Centre for Business Ethics Bentley University (120:4). 549-576. Ronald Paul H. & Justine M. R (2014); Codes of Ethical Conduct: A Bottom-Up Approach. @ Springer Science Business Media p.g 622-630. Linda B.D et-al. (2013). Welcome Aboard! How to Hire the Right way. Employee relation law journal. Vol. 38. No. 4 page 28-63. Jennifer A. & Stewart C. (2015) Code of Ethics: A Stratified Vehicle for Compliance. @Springer Science Business Media. Page.54-66. (Jennifer& Stewart 2015)
3-page BODY of the Paper

For this assignment, you should focus on the reading material for week 3 AND use our library for research and support.

The paper should focus on the following:

The body of your paper: (3 Pages total BODY in length)-Your thoughts should be supported with relevant course content and library research.

Explain the differences, importance, and purpose of both the code of conduct and the code of ethics. Secondly, tell me about some of the factors that you would use to make ethical hiring decisions in an organization. Why would these be important to include in the hiring process (Example of things that you might include: Legal Ground Rules or other items in our reading material or library that would be considered in the process). Format: APA Paper (With an abstract).

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