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Essay Questions: Chapters 11-13 Save Link

Name Course Tutor Date Essay Questions Chapter 11: Question 2- Evans and Sandra’s Case The case between Evans and Sandra portrays an implied contract. An implied contract refers to a situation where the words or actions of the affected parties on the issue indicate that they intended an agreement. In this case Evans built Sandra a house. However the work is shoddy. According to the case the patio did not perform its intended drainage functions fully the garage ceiling was low than expected and the pipes froze. Similarly the load bearings and beams were showing signs of weaknesses. In this context if Sandra paid Evans she would not get the value of he would sell the cars. In fact the agreement does not bear Seth’s signature. Seth does not have an obligation to sell the cars to Nina because there is no valid agreement. Similarly the agreement was only signed by Nina; for an agreement to be valid all the entities are participating should give consent through signatures (Fafinski & Finch 2014). This agreement is null and void. Lastly it is not enforceable. The only way Nina can purchase the cars is through a negotiation with Seth until an agreement is reached. Works Cited Burnham S.J. (2011). Contract law for dummies. Hoboken: For Dummies Fafinski S. & Finch E.(2014). Law Express:Contract Law. New York:Pearson.
(Choose and answer ONE question per chapter, for chapters 11,12, and 13.) Please use substantial evidence from the chapter and quote it.

Answer one of the Essay Questions located at the end of Chapters 11-13 in Introduction to Business Law. Answer one question for each chapter. Each fully developed response (175 words) should include the following:

A clear introduction and conclusion
A thorough statement of the problem
A thorough explanation of the solution to the problem
Identify the chapter and question number you are answering.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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