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Essay critics-(due 24hours at max)

Name Professor’s name Course Date Critique to Sydney Harris arguments in ‘Blasting Music to Drown out Reality’ essay ‘Blasting Music to Drown out Reality’ is an essay by Sydney Harris which describes how people use music to show its negative effects. Sydney uses various arguments to support his view on music. Such arguments includes music shuts out the reality of existence music from portables and automobile radios and most hi-fi sets dulls realities more than the drugs and booze and as a way of keeping reality away as well as music has transformed into a dull and deaden discord that dehumanizes the soul. All these arguments castigates modern music as Sydney endeavors in giving the negative effects of those kind of music. This essay will oppose Sydney’s arguments thus offering corresponding criticisms to his views of music. Sydney’s first argument ‘And basically what they want to shut out is their growth and development. Above all music improves ones multi-tasking skills thus leading to productivity in workplaces. Therefore music should not be removed from people’s lives but instead needs to be encouraged and supported by all means possible. Works cited Klainin-Yobas Piyanee et al. “Effects of relaxation interventions on depression and anxiety among older adults: a systematic review.” Aging & mental health 19.12 (2015): 1043-1055. Retrieved from: McPherson Gary E. Jane W. Davidson and Robert Faulkner. Music in our lives: Rethinking musical ability development and identity. Oxford University Press 2012: 1-24. Retrieved from: Don. The Mozart effect: Tapping the power of music to heal the body strengthen the mind and unlock the creative spirit. Harper Collins 2009:1-49. Retrieved from: Wang Man Cai et al. “Effect of music in endoscopy procedures: systematic review and meta- analysis of randomized controlled trials.” Pain Medicine 15.10 (2014): 1786-1794. Retrieved from:
Your job is to make an essay[in MLA form] disputing Sydney J. Harris’ informal essay ‘Blasting Music to Drown Out Reality’ and the three arguments in it.

#Please follow the instruction below thoroughly when your working on it

-Sydney’s three arguments (Just to be sure)

1. ‘And basically, what they want to shut out is the reality of their existence’

2. ‘And nowhere-not even drugs or booze-can this be this be more clearly seen than in the kind of music spewing forth from portables and automobile radios and most hi-fi sets’

3. ‘Now this great gift has been turned against itself, blasting forth a cacophony to dull and deaden and dehumanize the soul’

-You should suggest 3 arguments respectively opposing his 3 arguments. And you should supports your each argument with 3 supports (quotation or referring surveys/researches or your own opinion)

So 3 arguments and 9 supports in total, (please include at least 2 quotation to your supports)

I will give you more details on the chat after payment.

Attached file : Sydney J. Harris’ essay : ‘Blasting Music to Drown Out Reality’

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