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Equality and it’s Implications

Question 1 Which of the following is NOT an implication of Singer’s position on equality? a. Sexism is wrong. b. Racism is wrong. c. Giving animals (less intelligent than ourselves) equal consideration is a morally neutral matter–it is neither required nor forbidden. d. Mistreating the mentally handicapped is wrong. e. Mistreating infants is wrong. 2 points   Question 2 principle of equality as they violate any rights of those excluded by those measures. c. If Singer is right chickens and cows are worthy of the same moral treatment afforded to human beings. d. While race and gender are irrelevant to treating people equally we should still remain patriots and give our fellow Americans preferential treatment. 2 points  
The following 5 multiple-choice questions pertain to the content of the second and third chapters of Singer’s book. In each case, there is a single correct answer. Please let me know if you need the chapters of the book

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