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English presentation

Name Professor Course Date Buying on Time Synopsis Typically “Buying on Time” is a collection of stories that are linked to certain events It is founded in a family that has just moved to Canada after World War 2 and they are trying to build a new house there. The book resonates with issues facing immigrants such as the sense of belonging identity displacement and adjustment in an alien country. Such challenges are illustrated by the zeal of the immigrant family to achieve a good life in the suburbs and acquire trendy clothes has a perfect relationship with Henrik Ibsen’s “Enemy of the People” in that they both address family matters and the setting of those families among other themes. Additionally both of them talk about the political status of the community and its impact on the people. Lastly the books also have a deep sense of humor on several occasions and they use this to lighten the mood of the readers. This is the case for both the books. Reading the novel has also improved my knowledge regarding the importance of politics in the society.
Need an outline for a book called buying on time including a synopsis, theme relatment etc message for more details.

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