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English Iiii research paper on why zoos are harmful to animals

Like human being wild animals have a place in the world and they have a huge contribution in the ecosystem. They are supposed enjoy life in the jungle and be wild in their natural habitats. However human being have interrupted this animal right by capturing animals and keeping them in the zoos. Even though some endangered species are safe in the zoos life in harder for animals in the zoos. They experience hardships in zoos and at some point the same zoos that claim to protect animals put animal’s life in danger. Some of the hardships animals experience are Animal cruelty Tough disciplinary measures are used in training animal. In the case where animals do not obey they are punished using unorthodox ways. Animals are often neglected in zoos. The keepers are often responsible for about the welfare of the animals Psychological disorder Animals suffering from psychological disorder often and the management of zoos should also invest in making the zoos more habitable for animals. Moreover the zoo managers should also know that keeping some animals in the zoos does more harm than good. But most importantly it is important to note that animals have feelings as much as human beings and they all deserve to be taken care of. Works cited Foggo Daniel. “Woburn Admits It Gave Bull Elephant Electric Shocks.” The Times & The Sunday Times The Sunday Times 27 June 2010. Foggo Daniel. “Zoos Kill Healthy Tigers for the Skin Trade.” The Times & The Sunday Times The Sunday Times 22 July 2007. Sample Ian. “Wide Roaming Animals Fare Worst in Zoo Enclosures.” The Guardian Guardian News and Media 2 Oct. 2003 Smith Laura. “Zoos Are Fun for People but Awful for Animals.”Slate Magazine 20 June 2014. Zoos: Pitiful Prisons.” PETA PETA retrieved from
Write both my short and simple MLA format essay outline and final draft of this assignment.Thank you! This is CRUCIAL for my grade please read ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! 🙂

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