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English Homework

Student’s Name Professor Course Date English Homework Top Qualities of a Logistician Logistics managers often known as supply chain managers or logisticians oversee activities from the production of goods to the point they reach consumers. Most use computerized systems to keep up with production track shipments maintain inventory and ensure the safe distribution of merchandise. Logistics managers work with production crews store managers and transportation departments to ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to account for damaged or defective goods. 1 Summary “Top Qualities for Logistics Managers” by Kristine Tucker is an article from and was accessed on February 2nd 2018. The article gives a description of the major qualities that a logistician should possess. A logistician should be a good strategist to enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Again a logistician should be a good organizer. It is also important for them to have strong communication skills and be good administrators.
LAB: ARTICLE 1 Research – Characteristics or Qualities necessary in your career

1. Find a short article (150- 400 words, min. 4 ideas) about the top qualities or characteristics of a job in your field of study.
Try these words in google:
-Top qualities for a Logistician( job)
-Best characteristics for a Logistician
– Important traits for a logistician

2. Write a short text (a paragraph) about your article.
o Write the first sentence with the name of your article, website source, author (if available) and the date you found it.
o Write a second sentence that gives the general idea of the article.
o Write a final sentence or two that list the qualities or characteristics needed.

3.Find and underline 5 new words in your article that are specific to/important for your field of study – see EXAMPLE text Top 10 Qualities of a Great Auto Mechanic
* You can use qualities or characteristics if necessary.

4.Complete the vocabulary chart with the 5 words, definitions (copied from on-line dictionary) and your original sentences using the words (your writing, not copied and pasted from the article).

5.Hand in your short text, vocabulary chart and a printed copy of your article with underlined vocabulary in week 3. 5%

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