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English Composition Ii eh 1020

Gender Discrimination First Name Last Name Institution Gender Inequality Abstract Gender inequality is an issue that has been impacting the society for a long time. People are divided into two factions mainly and they are mostly based on the gender of the individual and as such this is the focus of the paper. Gender inequality is prevalent in our societies and it has impacted the social operation of the society in a number of ways such as the introduction of gender stereotyping and beliefs. There being two genders the male and the female genders has been considered as one of the main reasons for the existence of gender inequality. Another aspect is the competition between these two genders in that there has to be one gender that seeks to prove itself as being superior as compared to the other gender and as such bringing forth the concept of gender Reference Blau F. D. (2016). Gender inequality and wages. OUP Catalogue. Cornwall A. & Lindisfarne N. (Eds.). (2016). Dislocating Masculinity: Comparative Ethnographies. Taylor & Francis. Giddens A. Duneier M. Appelbaum R. P. & Carr D. S. (2016). Introduction to sociology. WW Norton. Jayachandran S. (2015). The roots of gender inequality in developing countries. economics  7(1) 63-88. Kleven H. Landais C. & Søgaard J. E. (2018). Children and gender inequality: Evidence from Denmark (No. w24219). National Bureau of Economic Research. Lang J. Barnes J. D. Manyanga T. Tremblay M. S. & Tomkinson G. R. (2017). Gender Inequality and Sex Differences in 20 Meter Shuttle Run Test Performance across 45 Countries: 2190 Board# 203 June 1 330 PM-500 PM. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise  49(5S) 609-610. Lutter M. (2015). Do women suffer from network closure? The moderating effect of social capital on gender inequality in a project-based labor market 1929 to 2010. American Sociological Review  80(2) 329-358.
I need help with theseUnit Assignments
Unit II Annotated Bibliography due on 02/06/18

Unit III Research Proposal due on 02/13/18

Unit IV Literature Review due on 02/20/18
Draft of Introduction and Literature Review

Unit V Assignment due on 02/27/18

Unit VI Assignment due on 03/06/18
Body of Research Paper

Unit VII Assignment due on 03/13/18
The Body Revision
Unit VIII Research Paper 03/20/18
Conclusion and Abstract

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