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Employee motivation

Employee Motivation Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Employee motivation entails the efforts commitment creativity and energy that an organization’s employees put in their jobs. Motivating employees is one of the major concerns of management. Employee motivation improves the productivity of employees hence increase the overall productivity of the organization. Giving employee’s incentives and promotions office meetings need to be held in a more non-official and fun way so as to motivate employees. The topic of the articles captures not only my attention but also the attention of any reader. References Sullivan P. (2017). When Office Meetings Leave the Office Behind. Retrieved 2 November 2017 from
Find a recent news clip or a story or a research paper on business that resembles the chapter given and write a report about it. Needs to be double spaced with these headings: Source:indicate where you found the news clip,the author name and the date of the news clip. The article is about: Provide a summary of the article/new clip. I picked this news clip because: Tell why this article caputured your attention. This Is What I Learned from this report: After you read the news clip, tell how the article is associated with the chapter and what you learned from it Make sure to include source of article. The Source needs to be no more than 2 months old.

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