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Educational Psychology

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Memorization of Information Academic life is all about memorization of the important information for the purpose of gaining knowledge as well as passing the tests and examinations. However there are several strategies that I use to memorize information but the most important ones that I apply in my studies include chunking and association. Chunking involves breaking up the bulk information into small chunks. Whenever I am undertaking private studies or revising I normally break the information into smaller parts for to think critically. Works Cited Flook Lisa et al. “Promoting prosocial behavior and self-regulatory skills in preschool children through a mindfulness-based kindness curriculum.” Developmental psychology 51.1 (2015): 44. Wahlheim Christopher N. Mark A. McDaniel and Jeri L. Little. “Category learning strategies in younger and older adults: Rule abstraction and memorization.” Psychology and aging 31.4 (2016): 346. Wyse Dominic and Anusca Ferrari. “Creativity and education: Comparing the national curricula of the states of the European Union and the United Kingdom.” British Educational Research Journal 41.1 (2015): 30-47.
Answer 3 questions from the attached 5 with a minimum of 150 words for each of the 3. I need the paper in 24 hours.

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