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Name Institution Professor Course Date Introduction Employee recruitment is the process of identifying and soliciting individuals to fill job vacancies for the growth of an organization (Spector 2013). The human resource department in any organization is responsible for recruitment of new employees. Recruitment is a crucial aspect that affects how an institution performs. Therefore decisions which are poor on recruitment can derail the achievement of the goals of an organization. Changes in an organization called for the hiring of new employees to fully and successfully implement the change (Lunenburg 2010). The article will discuss the development of a plan to hire an employee to support recent change in an organization. Person-organization Fit Person organization fit should be used in the selection of the employee. Person-organization is a concept that dates back to many years. It can be defined as the compatibility between an organization and its employees (Lunenburg 2010). the organization. As a result the organization will be able to retain him or her for a long time. Dismissal of the employee from the job can be detrimental to the organization. Therefore the plan should be strictly adhered to for the best results. References Ekwoaba J. Ikeije U. &Ufoma N. (2015). The Impact of Recruitment and Selection Criteria on Organizational Performance: Global Journal of Human Resource Management 3(2) 22-33.Lunenburg F. (2010). Managing Change: The Role of the Change Agent International Journal of Management Business and Administration 13(1) 1-6. Segalla M. Belshak G. & Muller C. (2001). Cultural Influences on Employee Termination Decisions: European Management Journal 19(1) 58-72. Shahril M. Rasimi A. Romle A. &Kamarudin N. (2017). The Process of Recruitment and Selection Process: World Journal of Management and Behavioral Studies 5(1) 5-13. Spector B. (2013). Implementing Organizational Change: Theory and practice (3rd Ed.). Upper Saddle River NJ: Pearson.
APA .. 4-5 Pages. Deadline 3/11 .. Read the attached for instructions .. $20

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