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Due Feb 25Th reaction Paper #1 (Psy) & response

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Research Methods in Psychology Research is a fundamental aspect of the field of psychology learning about research methods has enhanced my understanding of various research methods and their relevance to different areas of study in psychology. Nonetheless the module has increased my sensitivity to ethical consideration in conducting psychological research and the ability to employ scientific thinking in analyzing different phenomena in the field of psychology. The most common types of research used information provided in this module is likely to help me in improving my approach in study; the scientific methods of research discussed in the module will enhance my ability to conduct reliable research using the appropriate method for specific psychological phenomena or study. Further it has enhanced my scientific interpretation of data in psychological research and the ability to draw meaningful conclusion from research result. Works Cited Frost Nollaig. Qualitative Research Methods in Psychology: Combining Core Approaches. McGraw-Hill Education 2011
STEP 1: To complete Reaction Paper, analyze what you feel you have learned from a specific module (your choice) and how you can use this information – personally, socially, professionally, with community activities, etc.
The goal of the Reaction Paper is to stimulate thought, further research and discussion.


STEP 2: REPLY TO AT LEAST ONE CLASSMATE’S PAPER, It is on the discussion board that we will communicate about research, comment on one another’s papers, and discuss how we may have experienced these scenarios (for example, a family member with Alzheimer’s disease, or a child with a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).


(Textbook Information
Discovering Psychology: The Science of Mind, Cacioppo,2nd Edition – ISBN 9781305088375)

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