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Drugs and Human Behaviors

Drugs and Human Behaviors Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Course Title Instructor’s Name Submission Date Drugs and Human Behaviors The Toxic Effects of Alcohol Consumption on the Body Effects of alcohol on an individual body begin immediately they take the first sip. Alcohol mostly affects the central nervous system. The dissemination of information between the body and the brain fails terribly. Consequently coordination turns out difficult. Also more profound damages lead to the tingling and numbness of the hands and the feet’s sensations. At Alcoholism and Others Do Not Alcohol is a choice drug especially among the young people. Majority of the youths are facing large magnitudes of increased drinking. Furthermore alcohol influences the chemical such as dopamine in the brain. As a result a person develops alcohol cravings to sway from negative feelings and assume pleasurable sensations. As a result the individuals who happen to portray profound psychological challenges ranging from depression and low self-esteem about the stress tends to describe great potential for developing alcoholism.
Alcohol Toxicity
The effects of alcohol consumption differ according to gender, age, amount consumed, genetic predisposition towards addiction, and metabolism. Alcohol consumed as a part of religious ceremonies and joyous celebrations. Yet, each year many people die from complications related to alcohol consumption. Listen to the audio file and take notes about how much the person has consumed the effects of the consumption, and the consequences from the consumption. Then, respond to the discussion questions below.
Isabel Scenario
Isabel Transcript
Explain the toxic effects of alcohol consumption on the body. How do cognitive problems develop from long-term toxic levels of exposure to alcohol?
Predict what Isabel might experience while she goes through alcohol detoxification. Why should this process be medically supervised?
Isabel has been drinking for many years. How might her early experiences with drinking (e.g. in high school and college) made her more prone to alcoholism?
Why do some people develop alcoholism while others do not?

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