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Dramatic / Drama

Name Course Institution Date A Raising in the sun A raising in the sun is a play by Lorraine Hansberry. In the play there is Walter who can be described as one of the main characters as most of the acts have featured him. He features both as a protagonist as well as an antagonist from the beginning of the play until it comes to the end. In the play Walter is the only Mama’s son a defiant husband to Ruth He is also a caring father to Travis and he is also the belligerent brother to Beneatha as they are featured in the play. play has been seen questions her sister Beneatha on her decision of becoming a doctor. He instead advices her to become a nurse or just get married just like the other women. He is a man who thinks that treating his wife Ruth with gifts and material things would make him more appreciated by her. He does not think nor know that his wife requires more respect and love than any other gift or material things (“Walter Lee Younger (“Brother”)”) Works cited “Sparknotes: A Raisin In The Sun: Walter”. Sparknotes.Com 2018 Accessed 14 Mar 2018. “Walter Lee Younger (“Brother”)”. Cliffsnotes.Com 2018 Accessed 14 Mar 2018.
about one of the ( Raisin in the sun ) characters.

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