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Dracula: Viewing Christianity Over Sexual Pervasions

ENG B2 TTh 1 06 February 2018 Dracula: Viewing Christianity Over Sexual Pervasions Crosses hosts and biblical references reflect Christianity. Evil is the last thing that would come to mind when all those things are mentioned. Or is it? Christianity is something that Susannah Clements advocates that is very prominent in Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula within her book The Vampire Defanged. According to Clements in Bram Stoker’s novel many Christian images are being used in a thematic way the same way they are being used as devices for the plot a capsule that can snare in all forms of evil and hate through the use of numerous perspectives of Christian beliefs to demonstrate Christianity. Hence the novel is not all about sex rather about Christianity. Works Cited Bentley Christopher. “The Monster in the Bedroom: Sexual Symbolism in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.” Dracula: The Vampire and the Critics edited by Margaret L. Carter UMI Research Press 1988 pp. 25-34. Clements Susannah. The Vampire Defanged. Brazos Press 2011. Stoker Bram. The Essential Dracula: The Definitive Annotated Edition. Edited by Leonard Wolf Plume 1993.
This is a 500 to 550-word essay on if Bram Stoker’s Dracula is a Christian or psychosexual novel. I want it to be argued that it is a Christian novel. You need to only use brief citations from these three sources: 1. The Essential Dracula The Definitive Annotated Edition of Bram Stoker’s Classic Novel by Leonard Wolf ( you can use the original Dracula but you just need to let me know a quote is from so I can go correct it as the right page number in my book) 2. The Vampire Defanged by Susannah Clements 3. The Monster in the Bedroom: Sexual Symbolism in Bram Stoker’s Dracula by Christopher Bentley I attached the instruction page for the essay, the article that you need to use for a source in the essay, the formula for the essay that is REQUIRED, and lastly the grading rubric. I recently had this done by another writer and they did a terrible job so far I have been trying to fix the whole paper. Please edit what you think needs to be edited from what I have done so far AND PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure it all ties back to my thesis

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