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Diversity mission statement

Name Lecturer Course Date Comparing the Diversity/Mission statement of Walmart stores and Microsoft Walmart is one of the largest retailer stores in the globe with approximately 2.3 Million workers; it featured as the first company in the fortunes 500 lists in 2017 with a revenue of $485.9 billion which was a positive increase of 0.8% from the previous year 2015.The mission statement of Walmart stores is: “to give more people access to a better life one individual family and community at a time.” Their mission statement cases Walmart collaborates with other organization in the community to bring diversity in their company. Microsoft implements its diversity tactics better as compared to Walmart. This is because Microsoft can bring diverse people in their company from around the globe through their diversity tactics.Finding diversity/Mission statement of these two companies has not been straightforward. Work cited “Microsoft – Official Home Page.” Microsoft.Com 2018 Accessed 28 Feb 2018. “Walmart Corporate – We Save People Money So They Can Live Better.”. Corporate.Walmart.Com 2018 Accessed 28 Feb 2018. time
BA 3008
Diversity Statement/Mission Statement

I want answers typed out, clearly identifying where information was found (webpage and paragraph).

Go online to the home site of any Fortune 100 or 500 company and find the Mission Statement and the Diversity Statement of two companies. Compare the two.

Were they easy to find from the homepage? Don’t google the mission statement – find out if it is reasonable findable from the home page
Is there any crossover (eg. Is Diversity mentioned in the Mission Statement or is the Mission mentioned in the Diversity Statement)?
For each company, find examples on the company webpage of how Diversity tactics are implemented throughout the organization.
Compare the tactics of each company. Which does a better job of implementing diversity tactics and why?
How is diversity rewarded?
Did either company list any results of diversity tactics? If so, what were they?

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