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Diversity and HR

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Title Due Date Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace Introduction Diversity has become an essential part of the workplace. Traditionally diversity was seen as the representation of race genders religious backgrounds and age. However this idea has changed and now diversity is encompassed with various other factors. Some of the things include personality education background skills and cognitive styles (Martin & Malcolm 98). These days diversity is embraced by all firms due to the highly competitive nature of businesses. Diversity in the workplace now involves the promotion of individuality within the place with the aim each person brings something unique that can enhance the performance of the organization. There are lots of benefits that a business can get through diversity. The individuals working within an organization also stand to gain from this. First of all diversity brings talent pool (Jackson & Susan 121). Everyone possible to attain the goals of an organization. Conclusion In conclusion workplace diversity is one of the major issues that the employers in the business firms appreciate now. The benefits that they come with making the diversity an integral part of the business operation. Mutual understanding respect productivity and problem solving tactics are some of the benefits of embracing diversity in an organization. The diversity can be used in supporting talent as well in the workplace. For instance by creating a committee it is possible to identify the required personnel. References Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Business: a Guide to Their Leadership Tasks & Functions. Place of publication not identified: Center for Creative Leadership 2009. Internet resource. Jackson Susan E. Diversity in the Workplace: Human Resources Initiatives. New York: Guilford Press 1993. Print. Martin Malcolm. Human Resource Practice. CIPD – Kogan Page 2016. Print. Taylor Stephen. Resourcing and Talent Management. 2014. Print.
What is the importance of diversity in the workplace? How can a firm’s diversity strategy, including its adherence to Human rights legislation, support a firm’s talent management strategy?

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