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Diverse Workplace & Leadership

Diverse Workplace and Leadership Student’s Name Institution Date Diverse workplace and leadership In a today’s workplace there is a significant mix of a culture consisting of a workforce of different genders age religion race and other background factors (Armstrong & Société Radio-Canada 2017). The success of any organization depends on the diverse talents exhibiting new views ideas and perspectives to the workplace. Diversity poses challenges to do with managers making the most of on the mixture of lifestyles cultural backgrounds ages and genders to react to business prospects more creatively and rapidly. Diversity is thus more than what meets the eye as it is about workers’ interactions connectedness relatedness where the lines cross. I was once in a Power Distance Index (PDI) cultural dimension in my previous workplace. The manager was coming from a low PDI score country where he was not taking any charge of the workers. He felt extremely uncomfortable with the freedom he offered me with in the organization and was always expecting to be told how and what to do a task. However through this participative leadership style I became flexible and adaptive to the organization culture. It helped me in building stronger relations with other employees of the organization. The empathy and understanding shown helped in building trust and loyalty. References Armstrong  P. & Société Radio-Canada. (2017). Diversity in the workplace. Blanton  K. K. & Barbuto  J. E. (2015). Cultural Constraints in the Workplace: An Experiential Exercise Utilizing Hofstede’s Dimensions. Journal of Management Education  29(4) 654-666. doi:10.1177/1052562905276276 Chrobot-Mason  D. Ruderman  M. N. & Nishii  L. H. (2014). Leadership in a Diverse Workplace. Oxford Handbooks Online. doi:10.1093/oxfordhb/9780199755615.013.034 Elena  R. (2010). Cultural differences in project management. Annales Universitatis Apulensis Series Oeconomica  12(2) 657-662. Retrieved from  J. (2013). Dimensions of Culture (Geert H. Hofstede) – Power Distance. The Encyclopedia of Cross-Cultural Psychology 405-407. doi:10.1002/9781118339893.wbeccp585
The workplace is becoming more culturally diverse and it is important for leaders to understand and manage these differences in workplace culture and diversity.

Describe a time when you experienced culture or diversity differences in the workplace (either at your current or past place of work).
Based on these differences explain the following:
Describe the differences in culture and diversity by using Cultural Dimensions.
Compare and contrast your culture or the diversity factors with the differences that were presented in the workplace.
Explain how you or your leader handled the cultural or diversity differences.
Determine how these differences could have been mitigated.
Examine the leadership style that you or your leader used to manage these differences.

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