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Discussion social pyschology

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Social Psychology In the contemporary society discrimination and prejudice against women especially African -American women are becoming more and more subtle and covert. Old fashioned expression of sexism and racism is characterized by the endorsement of traditional gender roles stereotypes about lesser female competence and social issue. Works Cited Barreto Manuela and Naomi Ellemers. “The perils of political correctness: Men’s and women’s responses to old-fashioned and modern sexist views.” Social psychology quarterly 68.1 (2005): 75-88. Swim Janet K. et al. “Sexism and racism: Old-fashioned and modern prejudices.” Journal of personality and social psychology 68.2 (1995): 199.
What is the difference between old-fashioned versus modern expressions of racism and sexism? Is one more dangerous than the other? Why?

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