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Discussion paper and social media assignment

Name Professor Course Date How Social Media has changed the political Landscape The increased practice of utilizing social media in political affairs including Twitter YouTube and Facebook has significantly altered the approach to campaigns and other politics path and how the voters interrelate with their elected officials .The predominance of social media in political activities has largely improved the accountability and accessibility of the voted officials and candidates for the public office to the people( Shirky and Clay 28) . The ability to newscast content and data to billions of people punctually countenances the campaigns to vigilantly manage the images of their candidates grounded on valuable sets of evaluations in appropriate time and a reduced cost or even non cost at all. Social media has changed the political landscape in the following ways: Direct Contact with voters-social media implements have allowed Americans and other voters to effortlessly join together to petition and appeal to the government as well as the elected officials. This helps in leveraging their numbers against the impact of powerful supplicants and motioned special interests (Shirky and Clay 38) .It allows the people with similar opinions to join together in powerful ways. It goes an extra mile to engage the young adult voters who prefer using Facebook and Twitter among other tools to express their ideas. This impacts elections largely since all the interested voters and other people can also engage themselves. Works Cited Howard Philip N. and Malcolm R. Parks. “Social media and political change: Capacity constraint and consequence.” Journal of communication 62.2 (2012): 359-362. Shirky Clay. “The political power of social media: Technology the public sphere and political change.” Foreign affairs (2013): 28-41.
2 Assignments, first paper must be 3 pages and the second 2- 3

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