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Discussion forum :apolgestics in the bible

Biblical Apologetics Institution Affiliated Date Biblical mandate for apologetics Apologetics is derived from the Greek word ‘apologia ‘ and it is used to refer to reasoned defense (Johnson 2017). Therefore apologetics is more about evangelism. The biblical mandate for Apologetics explanation is as follows: The first explanation is that the believers should not fear while speaking for what is right. They should be willing to suffer for what is right human race is believed to be a sinful race and that’s why Apologetics are aimed at winning souls back to God through repenting and understanding the Biblical truth. References Campbell-Jack W. C. McGrath G. J. & Bolt P. G. (2017). New Dictionary of Christian apologetics. Johnson P. G. L. (2017). Apologetics= Defending the Faith–Part 4. science. McManis C. B. (2013). Biblical Apologetics: Advancing and Defending the Gospel of Christ. Xlibris Corporation.
1.Explain the biblical mandate for apologetics (around 150 words).
2.List and describe 3 types of apologetic arguments found in the Bible (around 200 words)

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