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Discussion Board 3 600 To 700 words

Impact of Being Environmentally Conscious on Business Name Institution Benefits of Companies Being Environmentally Conscious Businesses that are environmentally conscious enjoy various benefits that improve the performance of their products in the market and enhance the profitability of the business (Dangelico & Pontrandolfo 2015). Environmentally aware companies also adhere to God’s requirement of people in Numbers 35:33-34 (NIV) which orders people not to pollute the land. In Jeremiah 2:7 (NKJV) God condemns a man for defiling the land He gave him which means that conserving the environment is part of obeying God’s will. Additionally environmentally conscious companies tend to produce products that are friendly to the environment in that they do not Dangelico R. M. & Pontrandolfo P. (2015). Being ‘green and competitive’: the impact of environmental actions and collaborations on firm performance. Business Strategy and the Environment 24(6) 413-430. Epstein M. J. & Buhovac A. R. (2014). Making sustainability work: Best practices in managing and measuring corporate social environmental and economic impacts. Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Ford S. & Despeisse M. (2016). Additive manufacturing and sustainability: an exploratory study of the advantages and challenges. Journal of Cleaner Production 137 1573-1587. Vries G. Terwel B. W. Ellemers N. & Daamen D. D. (2015). Sustainability or profitability? How communicated motives for environmental policy affect public perceptions of corporate green-washing. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management 22(3) 142-154.
600 – 700 WORDS
at least 2 scholarly sources.
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answer question:

What are some of the challenges and benefits of companies being environmentally conscious?

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