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Discussion 1

Discussion Student’s name Institution affiliation Discussion The Ghostbusters ESP study according to the video is an example of an experimental scientific research process. It is aimed at fulfilling a hypothesis which is to discover the effects of negative reinforcement on ESP ability. However there are a number of factors invalidating the experiment and of which can be used to label the entire experiment as wrong. The bases of which the experiment can be termed as wrong are harming the participants not providing all information for informed consent and bias or favoritism of the examiner. respondents should be allowed to withdraw from the process whenever they feel a sense of discomfort. This is outlined under the ethical principle of safety of the participants (Adejumo 2008). Observably one of the respondents is totally uncomfortable with the process to the point he is offended by the amount of harm the shocking has on him physically and psychologically. References Adejumo A. O. (2008). Ethical issues in scientific research. Ethics for Public Health Research in Africa 24. Patten M. L. & Newhart M. (2017). Understanding research methods: An overview of the essentials. Taylor & Francis.
watch this short video:

Answer the 4 questions (minimum of 10 sentences).

First, what was experimentally wrong with the Ghostbusters ESP study (video link) at the end of your chapter one slideshow, and how could it be improved to meet scientific standards? Second, if you were doing this study, what would be your hypothesis, and what would your independent and dependent variables be (make sure to list and label them as IVs and DVs)? Be specific here! (“My independent variable would be …; My dependent variable would be …). Third, how would you make it an experimental (rather than correlational) study (it might help to be specific here as well and define the two types of studies in your response)? Finally, what are some of the ethical problems with this study?

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