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Discussion 1: Matching Interventions to an Organization’s Need

Matching Interventions to an Organization’s Need First Name Last Name Institution Organizational Development is a process that is very important in the organizational setting. It aids in particular aspects of the organization such as change management and development. As a result of the diversity that exists within organizations OD is enacted using interventions which can having a competitive advantage within their industries of operation and this OD intervention sees to it that this is realized (Fleck 2006). It impacts various aspects such as business planning cultural change large-scale interventions organizational transformation and strategic planning in a manner that is meant to improve the organization. Reference Fleck C. (2006). Organizational development.
When planning for change, a consulting professional needs to carefully consider the intervention strategies that best fit an organization’s change goals and the unique characteristics of the internal and external environments. Yet change and interventions affect not only the organization but also the people within the organization. When an intervention directly affects employees’ work relationships, work activity, work knowledge, and workspace, the commitment and involvement of those to which the intervention is aimed are critically important. Consultants must make part-scientific, part-artistic, part-political choices when selecting effective interventions that match organizational change needs.
Organizational consultants may be called on to determine under which circumstances an intervention target is appropriate. This requires comparing the effectiveness of intervention targets based on a range of internal and external factors. ODs then evaluate the potential an intervention target has for improving organizational performance and health.
To prepare:
Review this week’s Learning Resources.
Consider appropriate OD intervention strategies for different systems.
With these thoughts in mind:
Post by Day 3 a brief description of two OD interventions and a rationale for each intervention selected. Also, give an explanation of two factors to be considered when selecting an intervention.

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