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Discuss how loyalty is presented as a positive and negative quality throughout in the Othello play.

Name Professor’s Name Course Title Date Loyalty as a positive and negative quality throughout Othello Relationships can get painful as portrayed in the play “Othello”. The play brings out loyalty in many ways and we see this through the images language and actions of the characters. Loyalty is present in the lives of Othello Iago Desdemona and Emilia and it is created through trust faithfulness love respect and honesty. Relationships exist everywhere between two individuals who confide in each other and promise to remain loyal to each other. Mostly this happens because both parties involved hope to gain from each other at the end. It is a possible reality but some relationships end up sore and a good example is what we see in Othello William Shakespeare’s tragedy. Othello a great general is asked to go to Cyprus and fight against opposing forces. Iago is an ancient determined to also has respect for Othello as he does not change his ethos. At the end he says “This did I fear but thought he had no weapon; Foe he was great of heart.” (Act 5 scene 2) Even after betrayal he still respects him and would not wish him death at any point. Loyalty is an attribute while at the same time it can turn out sore. If someone is too loyal to a person it can be dangerous. Desdemona could not meet her death if she was not so obedient to her husband. On the other hand if Emilia had not stood firm for Desdemona she could have survived. If she remained on her husband’s side she could not die by the sword. Loyalty may seem positive and admirable but in the real sense it can also lead to failure and death. Works Cited Shakespeare William. Othello. 1995.
I need 9 quote for each point to support my idea.

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