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Disciplinary Actions

Employee dismissal and discharge Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation The process of discharging an employee is also known as firing a worker. Organizations discharge employees for different objectives which may include poor performance even after numerous trials by management to enhance the employee’s performance and the creation of a hostile environment in the workplace (Paul 2016). For instance an organization can fire an employee if he or she is always creating misunderstandings in the workplace so that there oral or written template on what is expected of the employee (Arnow 2016). Failure to follow the instructions may provoke negative punishment because the specifications may be used against the employee in times of misconduct. This exception is recognized widely in approximately 38 states in the United States. References Paul T. (2016). 31_Transfer of Employees under Labour Laws.Kumar H. L. (2014). Practical Guide to Labour Management. Universal Law Publishing.Arnow-Richman R. (2016). Modifying At-Will Employment Contracts. BCL Rev.  57 427.
1. Compare and contrast two differences between employee dismissal and employee discharge. Provide specific examples to support your rationale.
2. Evaluate two exceptions to employment-at-will doctrines in terms of the effect these exceptions will have on employee termination in the health care field.

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