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Develop A Brief Imc For The Company Or Product You Are Working On In Your Assign


Develop a brief IMC for the company or product you are working on in your assignments.

  • First, tell us about your company or product. What is your unique selling proposition? How do you distinguish your product or company from your competitors?
  • Now, think about how to communicate this information using the AIDA principle. Describe your ad and promotion.
  • How would you vary your ad for different media platforms? How would you vary the schedule to air it for maximum coverage with minimal expense?
  • Click here to view the grading rubric for this discussion.


No Attempt


Below Expectations 1

Below Developing2

Developing 3

Below Exemplary 4

Exemplary 5

Describe your company or product.

Does not attempt to provide a unique selling proposition or distinguish product/company from competitors.

Describes competitors’ product/ company but does not provide a unique selling proposition for own product/company. OR Just the opposite: provides USP, but does not discuss competitors.

Provides USP for product/company, and describes competitors’ product/ company but does not provide why the USP will help the company standout from the competition.


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