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DB culture

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Media Landscape Establishment of digital media in the current century has not only brought openness into the way information is conveyed worldwide but it has also created a unique form in the way this very information is relayed from the club. For example the launching of new playing kits will tempt some fans to look for them and buy the item. Therefore some group of people will only view this as more of a business-oriented idea that border-crossing club’s information media object.
The contemporary media landscape seems at once more open and more ambivalent than that characterizing the colonial and immediately post-colonial period. Digital media have allowed for unprecedented distribution of texts from European and North American institutions to new markets, and for the delivery of images and texts from formerly un-, under- and mis-represented areas and people. Choose an example of a border-crossing media object. To what extent does the object show awareness of its border-crossing? How might it be perceived differently by its multiple audiences?

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