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DayCare issue in Victoria (long waitlist & skilled and qualified staff)

Daycare Issue in Victoria. Nowadays both parents are breadwinners in their families due to high living standards in the country. Parents are also at risk of losing their jobs or missing out on promotions due to taking a lot of time off to take care of their kids. Many parents choose to work to make ends meet rather than stay home and watch their children. Single parents on the other end do not have the capacity to work and take care of their kids on a full-time basis. Therefore a majority of parents prefer to take their kids to daycare facilities. Despite daycares being the best alternative for parents not all daycares offer good services. Parents have to choose between daycares in search of qualified personnel to take care of their children. The search is not an easy job since the number of qualified staff who work in daycares challenges the government could work hand in hand with daycare providers to ensure that the workers get a higher starting wage. In conclusion there is no parent who would not like to spend time with their kids as they grow. Many parents are forced by circumstances to look for daycares to help them out in taking care of their children. Moreover these daycares really help in the development of the children. Hence the government and the responsible stakeholders should ensure that parents have access to affordable daycare facilities. These daycares should not only be affordable but also safe for the children. Works cited Culbert Alyson “Victoria daycare operator clarifies issues facing industry” Victoria News. Jun 29 Wong Kendra “Victoria daycare operator concerned over lack of qualified staff” Victoria News.June 23 2017. Kendra “Parents fear loss of childcare spaces in Victoria neighborhood” Victoria News. June 6 2017.
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