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Dangerous Offenders in Canada

Dangerous Offenders Designation Author Institution April 21 2018 Introduction The term Dangerous Offender is a Canadian designation reserved for violent criminals. According to research findings by Bonta Harris Ziger and Carriere (1996) note that many dangerous criminals are mainly sex offenders. Sex offenders designated as Dangerous offenders are often sex predators who use violence on their victims (Bonta et al. 1996; pg 14). The Dangerous Offender designation is crucial for managing high-risk criminals in Canada. The laws governing Dangerous Offender designation in Canada traces its origin to 1940s (Robertson 2010; pg 1). That law has been subject to unending debate which can be blamed on the fact that Dangerous Offender law is widely misunderstood by the justice system and the public. The position of this paper is that dangerous offender designation is crucial for public safety. This position is informed by three reasons; the indeterminate incarceration the long term the traditional power of determining the application of the designation because it helps in striking a balance between the societal needs and the individual¬ís rights (Soward 1998; pg 193). References Bonta J. Harris A. Zinger I. & Carriere D. (1996). The crown files research project: A study of dangerous offenders. Ottawa Solicitor General Canada. CBC News (2010). Dangerous offender: what the label means. Retrieved from Crawford T. (2015). B.C. Judge strikes down Canada’s dangerous offender law. Retrieved from Dawson S. E. Verdun-Jones S. N. Davies G. & Corrado R. R. (2014). Dangerous Kids: A Case Analysis Illustrating Critical Issues with Applying a Dangerous Offender Designation to Youth. Crim. LQ 61 74. Robertson S. E. (2010). Dangerous and high-risk offender legislation in Canada: an examination of history offenders and process. Simon Fraser University. Soward J. (1998). Mandatory Indeterminate Sentences Under Dangerous Offender Legislation. Dalhousie J. Legal Stud. 7 189.
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