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Cultural communication

Name: Professor: Course: Date: Communication in the church. Communication in the church like any other environment is an important tool as it does not only create a room for proper understanding between individuals but also ensures that everything is done in time and using the right approach. In this context it usually involves the pastor and the congregation. The congregation could range from ten to tens or even hundreds of thousands of people in number. The pastor is the dominator of the event as he is the main speakers as well as the controller of the event and his speech is relationship where communication is supposed to be conveyed in the most descent way. This is to avoid any loop hole for conflict between individuals. Whenever there is unsuccessful communication between individuals the head of the church involves their subordinates to ensure that peace and understanding is achieved. References Babu Rasel and Shamnaz Arifin Mim. “Inside an English Language Classroom: Communication Perspective.” BAFED Journal 12.2 (2013): 57-72.. Martin Judith N. and Thomas K. Nakayama. “Intercultural communication in contexts.” (2010). Rowland Allison L. and Peter Simonson. “The founding mothers of communication research: toward a history of a gendered assemblage.” Critical Studies in Media Communication 31.1 (2014): 3-26.
Write a 2 page double space size 12 font times new Roman MLA format paper choose a scenario/culture in your life. Discuss how communication is used. For example, a sports team, a church group, an organization in which you volunteer, a school group, a family group, work, etc…
How many involved in this group? Be sure to incorporate verbal and nonverbal communication tone group terminology, rates, etc… Discussed symbols, gestures, facial expressions, body movements, etc… How is communication important in this group? Is there a leader or person who dominates in communication? Are there individuals who do more listening? what are common goals within the group? what would happen if successfully communication was not achieved? Any ethical standards / appropriate communication to adhere to? Discuss the environment, the relationships involved, how are conflict resolved and managed? Elaborate on specific topics that you believe are important and interesting. Share as many examples from within this group as possible.

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