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Critical Book Review

“Ordinary in Justice: How America Holds Court” by Amy Bach-Review.Introduction One of the critical arms of a state is justice system. The Justice system is mandated to protect and defend fundamental rights and freedoms of the citizens. Overly this system has been criticised as a failing arm of government that have overlooked the abuse of these rights and remained silent to major atrocities facing the state. Many researchers journalists and writers have addressed some of the issues that ail this system. One of the famous writers to have critically looked into America’s justice system is Amy Bach. Amy Bach is her book “Ordinary in Justice: How America Holds in Court” addresses the systemic problems in American courts. She opines that these loopholes needs to be addressed if justice is to be served. This paper shall critically analyse this book. It seeks to highlight the shortcomings in the justice system in the court system. We continue to face these challenges within our courts and the same need to be addressed. Amy offered some solutions for the broken judicial system in her writing. She highlighted that the major factor that occasioned injustice in this system was the lack of transparency mechanisms within the system. She intimated that the public knew less of what was happening in the system and hence remained silent to this issue. The only remedy to this solution she stated was a check and balance mechanism that would hold the justice system accountable. She advocates for a reporting system and a system that evaluates the actions of the legal professionals so as to hold them accountable for their acts. A monitoring system would compel the legal professionals by ensuring that they exude their competence and that they are answerable for any injustices they occasion to the public.
I need a six page, double spaced, APA format critical book review on the book Ordinary in Justice: How America Holds Court by Amy Bach. I need it by May 24, 2016, 1 PM PST.

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