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Criminal Procedure

Criminal Procedure Institution: Name: Date: Criminal Procedure The Preamble The preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America is one important document that contains the explanations of the most key values that works to strengthen the bond between the current and the future of America. The formation of a perfect union insurance of domestic tranquility establishment of justice promotion of general welfare securing the blessings that results from the liberty to both the present generation and their posterity and the provision of common rights that everyone is born with are inseparable from an individual throughout the course of their life. The rights can never be taken away from the people since they are the basic definitions of what they are sand where they belong to ( Up to this day these explanations are very much alive and relevant since it’s is through the rights of freedom and limitations that are the basic regulations to all the activities that individuals undertake in the society. Work Cited
Please watch the following 3 videos from the Freedom Project Media, narrated by Alan Scholl, found on YouTube, see each link informationn provided. They are approximately 10 minutes each.
As you view the information presented in this series about the Preamble, and the Bill of Rights from U.S. Constitution, please write down and record the areas that you discovered which may of surprised you, any quotes from our American Founding Fathers that you agreed with or found troublesome, what you found most important about the various documents discussed, what you found is still relevant today or what seems out of place or possibly obsolete, etc. I would like an approximate 500 word response of the facts presented in this educational video series in your words and viewpoint.


(Bill Of Rights Pt. 1)

( Bill Of Rights Pt.2)

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