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Creative Exploration Project

Hairou XieAAD 251 03/10/2017 Image Means a Thousand Words The purpose of my artwork is to show how mass media and the topic of the “gaze” has influenced our thoughts and attractions towards opposite genders in less clothing. The use of use this idea to sell their products. You might not understand what the company is selling through their advertisement but it would get your attention to search it up or go to their stores just to see what the product is.
Creative Exploration Project
For your last project this term you will create your own visual work, so from the start of the term you should pay attention to the wide range of images we will look at, searching for inspiration(s) for your own work. You will post a photo(s) or video on Canvas along with a 1 page personal statement about the work.

For this project you will also need to identify one or more artists whose work influenced/inspired your own (content, style, material, process…), and do some research into them (3-5 pages).

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