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Creating a Feasibility Analysis for a New Business

Feasibility Analysis for a New Business Student’s Name Institution Affiliation Date Feasibility Analysis for a New Business Problem Statement In the past ten years people from Southwest Washington in the United States of America have been experiencing deficiency and lack of variety for coffee and pastry products. The market has been experiencing only two types of coffee products for the last decade which include Espresso and Cappuccino. Kim’s Java and Bakery however; as a start-up company partnering with other companies in the industry intends to enhance and produce new coffee products in the market that can build and to improve customer’s interests. In this case the company seeks to introduce Irish coffee and Flat White types of coffee in the market. To achieve the objectives the company aims to take the advantages of existing favorable competitive and climatic conditions that ensure sustainability. The study conducted by Langen (2013) states of Kim and Bakery Company. However comparing with Jolly’s Java and Bakery company it is evident that the management are not sure whether to invest in the project or not because the results of the test for the two different techniques payback and NPV gives different opinion on the attractiveness of the investment. However payback techniques guarantees the management that they might not lose their money in business. In order to achieve the objectives the management assumed that both economic and political environment would remain constant. References Executive Summary. (2013). Business Continuity vii. doi:10.1016/b978-0-12-411648-1.00009-x Langen  N. (2013). Ethics in consumer choice: An empirical analysis based on the example of coffee. Wiesbaden: Springer Gabler. Okunade  A. A. (1992). Functional forms and habit effects in the US demand for coffee. Applied Economics  24(11) 1203-1212. doi:10.1080 US gear demand projected to increase nearly 6% annually till year 2000. (2009). Metal Powder Report  52(2) 9. doi:10.1016/s0026-0657(97)91088-2
Resource: Figure 3.1 in Ch. 3 of Entrepreneurship
Prepare a 1,750- to 2,100-word paper discussing what is needed to complete a feasibility study for a new start up or a new product line within an existing firm.
Complete a feasibility study for the new product or service based on the template in Figure 3.1.
Include the following in your paper:
The Business Problem and Opportunity Statement
The Feasibility Study Requirements
Alternative ranking (as needed)
Appendix (feasibility study) and references
Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.
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