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Course Project—First Draft of Complete Essay, Including Conclusion

Name Course Lecturer Institution Conclusion To be successful in business one needs to consider a number of factors. Starting a business is not a guarantee that one will have money overflowing in their accounts. It requires a lot of patience on the part of the entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur is full of new ideas relate well be a good manager and all will be well. Works Cited BIBLIOGRAPHY Bruner Debreena. “Identifying and Comparing Characteristics of Successful Minority andMajority Businesses.” McNair Scholars Research Journal 3.1 (2011): 1-15. Root George. “Factors that contribute to the success of a business.” Small Business 8 June 2010
This module, you will submit the entire first draft of your essay. To do this, you will revise the pieces of your essay that you turned in for previous modules and add your conclusion.

In Module 2, you created your thesis statement and developed an introductory paragraph. In Module 3, you developed the main body of your essay. In this assignment, you will add a conclusion for your essay. You will revise your introductory and body paragraphs based on your instructor’s feedback in previous assignments, add your conclusion, and submit your essay as a complete first draft.

Conclusions might answer the question, “So what?” Concluding statements can also synthesize ideas, provoke additional thought, propose a solution, or point to broader implications. When you work on your conclusion, you may find that you brought up ideas you should have put in the body of the paper, or you may have a hard time summing up the many points in your body paragraphs. When working on your conclusion, ask yourself whether any points you make in the conclusion belong earlier in the paper. Are you sticking to your argument? Did you make sure not to add new kinds of arguments in the conclusion?

Write a 6- to 8-sentence conclusion for your essay. In your conclusion, be sure to:

Restate the thesis statement.
Develop concluding statements. Give reasons for your concluding statements.
Review the grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

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