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Name of the Student Professor Course Date of Submission QUARTER HOUR BEFORE FINAL TEST On that night before I slept I adjusted my alarm clock to wake me up at 7:00 AM so that I could not be late for my final exam. The final test was scheduled to begin at 9:00 am in the morning. The night dawned and I woke up feeling fresh and energetic. I went to my mind and I was confident that I would ace the test. I handed in the paper and went out smiling. I later came to learn that the exam delayed because the printer had a mechanical problem which took the school technician an hour to fix. From that day I learned to never depend on alarms since sometimes they might fail us and spoil our day like it almost did.
I need to write Personal narrative, I have already done but I need correct my text ( vocabulary and grammar ). my text is:

in the night before sleep, I had adjusted alarm to wake me up at 7:00 am whereas I would submit a final test on university at 9:00 am. The next day I woke up and after one hour I listen to radio. ” Now you are with Medical Advices Program at 9:30″. That means the test had already started. quickly I left home to university by my car. I arrived classrooms at 9:45 am. Just quarter hour left to finish the final test. Suddenly, the test didn’t begin yet and I could do the test from the start.

It was the last weekend in the fall season and I should set the clock back an hour but I forgot do that actually. Therefore I woke up later on an hour. When I heard on the radio that the clock is 9:30 am, It means that the test already began. Then I thought, how should I arrive to university as soon as possible ?

I never catch it. I tried to relax and thought to find the solution. Then I found only one way and talked out loud “First, I must to go to the university as soon as possible.”
Within minutes, I arrived to university and ran to the classroom, the students didn’t begin the test yet. What happened? there was something wrong happened to the printer that should print the paper to the test. The test had to postpone an hour until repair printer.

I arrived before the tested a quarter hour, after I thought a quarter of an hour left to finish the test.

I learned to do not forget to set the clock next times, I would loose the final test.

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