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Corporate Social Responsibility

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject Date Corporate Social Responsibility Conflicting interests are situations where a person or an organization gets involved in more than one interests and these interests are likely to corrupt or interfere with the decision-making of an individual or an organization (Spar et al. 3). To avoid these situations there must be ways of coming up with the appropriate solutions. The strategy of taming this situation is often through reconciling conflicting issues. However there are a lot of challenges that face these strategies. This essay looks at the challenges that economy is growing (Kaminski 16). The main aim of this team is to make sure that the consumers are not getting counterfeit goods that can harm them and also to make sure that the researchers and innovative individuals are enjoying the fruits of their labor and hard work. Works Cited Spar Debora and Nicholas Bartlett. Life Death and Property Rights: The Pharmaceutical Industry Faces AIDS in Africa. Harvard Business School 2003. Kaminski Margot E. “The capture of international intellectual property law through the US trade regime.” S. Cal. L. Rev. 87 (2013): 977.
How can we reconcile the freedoms necessary for a vibrant, enterprising economy that can provide for the needs and wants of an ever growing world population, with the understable desire that is also be fair, just and sustainable?
What are the key challenges to reconciling the conflicting interests of the various stakeholders?
Who should decide? Can this be done democratically?
The key to this essay is to acknowledge that you cannot possibly tackle all these issues in 500 words (nor does anyone have the right answer yet …). As a result identifying the key stakeholders, and the key conflicting interests (and principles) to be resolved.
Some of the guiding principles of CSR and sustainability have been stated by the United Nations and by other international organizations – but they are not binding, and many proclamations remain just that: proclamations.
Will the drive to implementation flow top down, through government policy, or will it be bottom up from the collective will of citizens worldwide?

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