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Consulting Opportunities

Consulting Opportunities First Name Last Name Institution The IOPD has been a growing field especially with the current trends in the industry that are related to technological advancements and integration. The growth within the field has brought about an increasing need in the demand for certain careers within the field and personally the career of an OD and a consultant will be required more. In conclusion these careers will be important within the organization as they will also contribute to social change by assessing the needs of the organization and making sure that they are met in an effective and efficient manner. Reference Fleck C. (2006). Organizational development.
opportunities available to you in the field of IOPD.

To prepare:

Consider IOPD career opportunities you might like to pursue, whether within government, large corporations or consulting firms, as an independent consultant, or through another avenue.
Reflect on how these opportunities may address emerging and future changes in the field.
With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 3 a description of the career opportunities you would most like to pursue related to IOPD. Then, explain why you chose these opportunities. Explain how your selected career opportunities address future directions emerging in the field. Finally, explain how these career opportunities might contribute to social change.

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