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Consequences of being overly stressed

First Name Last Name Instructor Course 29th December 2017 Consequences of being Overly Stressed Stress is a reaction by the body to a harmful situation that can be perceived or can be real. When an individual faces a dangerous situation the body is forced to act in a way that prevents injuries through a academic work making them lag behind while for the middle-aged population it can affect their work especially when executing work projects that are complex and require extensive thinking (McEwen). Work cited McEwen Bruce S. “The brain on stress: Toward an integrative approach to brain body and behavior.” Perspectives on Psychological Science 8.6 (2013): 673-675.
According to research, what are some short-term and long-term consequences of being overly stressed–particularly during the young or middle adult stages? Identify two consequences and explore them as a response to this post (do ot use Marrage or remarriage).

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