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Complaint Letter

Complaint Letter Name Institution Professor Course Date 113 Main Street Minnesota March 12 2018 Name Manager breeze electronics 555 Virginia Breeze electronics Dear Madam. RE: The Computer I Bought from Your Company is not Working On February 10 2018 I bought organization against frauds and malpractice for immediate legal procedure to be followed for case hearings this will rubbish the already established relationship of the company with the citizens and consequently lead to distrust on your products hence huge loses. Sincerely Name
Background Resources

Complaint Letters – Textbook, Module 11, pp. 164-180

Complaint letter Template – (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


Using the Complaint Letter Template, write a one-page complaint letter to a company about a problem with a product or service. All letters for this course should stick to the styles/formats in the text (pp. 127-137) or use a template that comes with your word processing software.

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