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Compensating for Performance

Name: Institution: Course: Date: Compensating for Performance There is mounting competitive pressure that organizations face and thus they seek to do more using fewer resources and also perform with better quality. As the organizations raise the goals for profits sales volume quality and innovation most of them focus on controlling the growth of employment whereby in many of them there are substantial cuts in employment (Lawrence et al. 375). For an organization to be able to establish more with few employees it has to have effective management of its human resource. This would help enhance the effectiveness of the employees which in time would increase profits and expand the business thus requiring more employees. Therefore there would be the need for effecting management of the human resource with an aim to motivate the current employees and to attract more professionals who would for every employee regardless of the country they are working in. The best strategy to use on the total reward system would be a fixed percentage of the skills of the employee since this is what would enhance quality and effectiveness in the organization. The money would be paid with the currency of the country that the workers are based and not a general currency which may make some workers earn more while others get less. This is a total reward system that I believe would be equal and fair for all employees. Work Cited Burns Lawrence M. et al. “Process monitor for monitoring and compensating circuit performance.” U.S. Patent No. 7 375 540. 20 May 2008. Gauthier Jeffrey and Bill Wooldridge. “Sustainability Ratings and Organizational Legitimacy: The Role of Compensating Tactics.”¬†Sustainability and Social Responsibility: Regulation and Reporting. Springer Singapore 2018. 141-157.
Imagine that you are the HRL for a multinational company with operations in China, Vietnam, the Middle East, the U.S., and Canada: producing, shipping, and selling IT hardware products.

In a 2-3 page paper:

Explain how you would construct your organization’s total reward system (compensation and benefits) to address factors such as
Legal mandates in some countries for particular benefits (e.g. health insurance, retirement, travel allowance, just to name few examples)
Create equity among all nationals in respect to pay and cost of living
Accommodating the use of expatriates to make sure your organization’s performance is aligned with achieving organizational profit targets

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